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Founded in 2012, GMG is a non-profit that unites mining innovators. It tackles industry challenges through collaboration and knowledge sharing, developing implementable solutions to enhance safety, innovation, and sustainability worldwide.

“GMG’s unwavering commitment to building networks and relationships across the mining ecosystem perfectly mirrors our vision. Together, we will create a powerful forum where all voices – from mine to market – are amplified. This collaborative forum will not only facilitate knowledge sharing and expertise exchange, but also ignite the development of actionable solutions for the mining sector,” said Andrew Thake, Divisional Director at Resourcing Tomorrow.

GMG will be attending the event on 3-5 December in London and will be actively involved in Resourcing Tomorrow through hosting a half-day program focused on Decarbonisation and Circularity. This program, scheduled for December 4th and within the event, will be open to both GMG members as well as Resourcing Tomorrow attendees to provide actionable strategies for decarbonising their mine site and delivering process and product circularity.

“The operationalisation of sustainability in mining is the cornerstone of its future and will ensure the long-term viability of the industry,” says Heather Ednie, CEO, GMG. “We are partnering with Resourcing Tomorrow to share the work of our members who are proving that through collaboration and advancement of sustainable practices, we not only protect our environment but create resilient operations that can adapt to changing economic and regulatory landscapes. Embedding sustainability into mine planning and design will foster innovation, drive efficiency, and build stronger relationships with communities and stakeholders, securing the future of mining for generations to come.”

This collaboration between Resourcing Tomorrow and the GMG promises to be a valuable resource for Resourcing Tomorrow attendees, fostering collaboration and driving innovation toward a more sustainable future.