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As we edge closer toward this year’s much-anticipated Resourcing Tomorrow conference in London, the full shortlist of nominees for the prestigious Outstanding Achievements Awards has been announced. 

The nominees for the 2023 awards once again represent an excellence in mining that the near week-long event celebrates, with outstanding short listers across all the awards categories including dealmaking, individual achievement and innovation.

The ceremony will be held as the finale of Europe’s Largest Mining Event, bringing together over 2,000 individuals involved in the mining industry. The glamorous Gala dinner will take place on the evening of Thursday 30th November, in the Honorary Artillery Company’s London home, and will boast distinguished individuals Randy Smallwood, CEO of Wheaton Precious Metals, and David Tate, CEO of the World Gold Council as keynote speakers. As the 20th edition of the world’s most prestigious mining ceremony, the 2023 Awards is positioned to surpass previous years in both prominence, and style. 

These awards offer an opportunity to reflect collectively on how the industry has been challenged, and subsequently evolved. Spotlighting the brilliance that has driven and spearheaded such developments is an honour. 

Celebrating industry-wide stewardship:

For mining, the year 2023 has discerned itself in terms of Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives, and : as arguably the most critical industry for the energy transition, the mining industry has re-defined itself as the drivers of ‘green energy’ and sustainable practice. This is aptly reflected and honoured through the multiple categories dedicated to ESG best practice, identifying excellence in this important area. 

The short listers for the ESG Producer of the Year Award celebrates how well a producer has developed a long term sustainable ESG strategy. The 2023 nominees are:

  • Antofagasta; 
  • Eldorado Gold Corporation; 
  • Endeavour Mining;
  • Lundin Gold; 
  • Ma’aden; 
  • Teck;
  • Triple Flag Precious Metals; 
  • Wheaton Precious Metals. 

The ESG Initiative of the Year Award, for the best initiative introduced by an organization that is shown to have significant ESG impact, short listers are:

  • AECOM / Brazil - ESG Independent Audit Mining Program (developed in response to Brumadinho); 
  • Council of African Youth in Minerals for developing a local industrialized mine-supporting ecosystem that captures more of the value of the minerals in the host country; 
  • Digbee – for their commitment to responsible mining and will influence positive change and the roadmap to responsible mining for generations to come; 
  • Eden Asset Management – as a pioneering ESG Investment company;
  • Karbon-X – an innovative carbon offset company building projects to reduce CO2 emissions and providing tailor made solutions for industry to reduce their footprint;
  • Renta 4 Blanco – for helping the financial sector when driving the transition towards climate neutrality.


The ESG Developer/Explorer of the Year Award is determined by how well an explorer or developer has developed a long term sustainable ESG strategy. The 2023 nominees are: 

  • Bannerman Energy;
  • Bunker Hill;
  • Foran Mining;
  • Goviex Uranium;
  • Impact Silver;
  • Q-Mines.

The successes:

As one of the world’s largest and most important industries in respect of raw materials to move the world forward, it is only right to commemorate 2023’s big mining achievements.

The Project Financing of the Year Award is awarded for the best debt financing / project development financing of a mining company over the last 12 months. This years short listers are:

  • Aya Gold & Silver – for its US$100 million funding for mine expansion in Morocco;
  • Cornish Lithium – for funding totalling up to US$277m for its lithium projects in Cornwall;
  • Eldorado Gold – for their Skouries financing;
  • G Mining – for the construction financing package at TZ;
  • Kodal Minerals – for its conditional funding package of US$117.75 million;
  • Steppe Gold – who secured up to US$150m (Tg517.43bn) in financing to fund the construction of the second phase expansion at its Altan Tsagaan Ovoo; 
  • Zinnwald Lithium.

The Deal of the Year Award rewards the most notable financial and M&A deals through the year, that have captured the imagination and attention of the financing industry. The contenders for the 2023 award are:

  • Appian’s acquisition of Rosh Pinah; 
  • BHP/Oz Minerals; 
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in European Metals Holding (EMH);
  • Newmont /Newcrest; 
  • Pan American Silver/Yamana Gold. 


Excellence in exploration

The Exploration Company of the Year Award recognises success in arguably the most important area of the mining sector. The Explorer of the Year will recognise a company and its leadership team for a significant new discovery made, or advanced to a meaningful status. This year’s contenders are:

  • Alkane Resources; 
  • Canada Nickel; 
  • Heliostar Metals; 
  • Lithium Chile; 
  • The Metals Company.

The Exploration Discovery of the Year Award celebrates a particular discovery, that in the last 12 months the industry recognised to have potential to become a significant mine. The short listers are:

  • Alkane Resources – for the discovery of the Kaiser gold and copper deposit; 
  • Andrada - for “Spodumene Hill” which indicated high grade spodumene and tantalum mineralisation within two substantial pegmatites; 
  • Cornish Lithium – for the discovery of extensive lithium enriched brines beneath the surface of Cornwall; 
  • Lithium Chile - for their Salar de Arizaro in Argentina; 
  • Surge Battery Metals - for the exploration and development of the flag ship Nevada North Lithium deposit;
  • WA1 Resources - for its West Arunta Project. 

The Most Improved Mining Jurisdiction Award is for a region, province or state that is the most improved mining jurisdiction of the last 12 months. This year’s short listers are:

  • Cornwall; 
  • Egypt; 
  • Eritrea; 
  • KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia); 
  • Namibia.

An innovative industry:

In 2023, the mining industry has proven once again its ability and capacity to respond to unforeseen challenges, highlighting the innovative excellence the industry has to offer.

The Mining Innovation of the Year Award celebrations the greatest achievements and innovations in the mining industry, providing a platform to recognise the people and companies that are driving change. This year’s short-listers are:

  • Anglo American / WSP Global – for using CPR sand as a filter, co-disposing it with tailings to deliver passive drainage and gravitational dewatering of the tailings; 
  • BHP Xplor - for effectively transforming minerals exploration in a way that’s never been done before; 
  • DL MineTrace™ - for being adopted by Teck in setting the standard for an innovative product passport; 
  • Rainbow Rare Earths – for pioneering Sustainable Rare Earth Extraction from Phosphogypsum); 
  • Twikatane Media – for innovative work in small scale mining in the Muchinga province in the republic of Zambia; 
  • Weeefiner's – for pioneering 4D Scavenger® technology which has revolutionized the way resource recovery is approached. 

The Mining Technology Company Award commemorates the best technology solutions provider of the year. This year’s contenders are:

  • Draslovka; 
  • ExoSphere;
  • Sensmore;
  • Stratum Al;
  • Tribe Tech;
  • Vinca Technologies. 

Innovative collaboration is a demonstrable contributor to new and exciting achievements: the Collaboration of the Year Award duly reflects this, and is awarded for an innovative collaboration between a miner and a solutions provider. The short listers are:

  • American Pacific Mining with Dowa Metals and Mining; 
  • Albemarle and Caterpillar; 
  • Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) Project (Roy Hill, ASI Mining and Epiroc); 
  • FrontierSI and 6 mining companies (BHP, Rio Tinto, FMG, Roy Hill, Minerals Resources and Atlas Iron); 
  • The UK Mining Operators within the Mining Association of the United Kingdom (MAUK) and the Camborne School of Mines; 
  • Volvo Trucks and Boliden; 
  • EMX and Zijin agreeing on royalty rate at Timok Project.  

Inspiring individuals:

The CEO of the Year Award celebrates the leaders of the mining industry, who have tackled and navigated the unprecedented demands and responsibilities presented in mining today. This award is for the most outstanding company leader of the past 12 months, and this year’s nominees are:

An industry that celebrates excellence will no doubt produce exceptional individuals; the Rising Star Award spotlights talented up and coming professionals in the mining industry. The short listers are:

  • Luis Azevedo (Executive Chairman & CEO, Bravo Mining Corp.); 
  • Thekla Mutero (Founder and President of Emerging Mining Association of Namibia (EMAN)); 
  • Emma Koester (Director of Mining, Trades and Labour at Collar Group);
  • Michelle DeCecco (Vice President & COO, Lithium Chile); 
  • Ana Juárez (Founder of Women in Mining Central America; President of Canadian Operations at CTA Environmental Consultants); 
  • Katie Fedosenko (Director, ESG Engagement, Teck Resources Limited).

The Unsung Hero Award is for an individual or organisation’s work that has helped advance the mining industry, but whose efforts have been ‘below the radar’, or unrecognised. This year’s short listers are: 

  • Cate Larsen; 
  • Camila Montes; 
  • Richard Elmer; 
  • Dr. Fabiana Di Lorenzo; 
  • Dr Daniel P. S. de Oliveira; 
  • Rena Guenduez; 
  •  Eric Saderholm. 

Perhaps the most esteemed award of the ceremony, the Lifetime Achievement Award, has no shortlist, and the Winner will be announced on the evening.