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Mines and Money is pleased to present a strong list of renowned thought leaders and influential market players, that will be speaking at this year’s Mines and Money Connect London event taking place on April 25-26, 2023 in London.

Delegates can expect to leave this year’s conference with a clearer understanding of the outlook for commodities and mining companies, allowing for better investing, planning, budgeting and preparation in the medium and longer term.

The two-day program covers key topics such as Financing the Energy Transition, Industry Preparation for Critical Mineral Demand, Supply Cain Risks & Opportunities, Expectation of Gold for 2023, Natural Resources 'ESG' Investor Meaning, Uranium Green Metal Investment Opportunities.

The programme boasts a number of leading investors and commodity analysts that will help provide clarity on the investment opportunities and outlook for various commodity prices in the months and years ahead. 

Private equity funds are emerging as a major financing source for new critical minerals projects, and these groups will be in attendance with the likes of Jessica Fung from Pala Investments, Michael Wrotniak from Orion Resource Partners, Maddie Srivastava of AMED Funds and Antony Rowe of Resource Capital Funds all providing insight at the event.

Many macro factors are expected to influence commodity demand in the years ahead, including the ongoing war in Ukraine, the energy transition and China’s re-emergence after prolonged Covid-related lockdowns. 

In order to better understand the effects of these global events on the supply and demand for individual commodities and also underlying equities, Mines and Money has gathered some of the leaders in this space to provide clarity on the impacts on underlying markets.

Amongst them are: Colin Hamilton, Head of Commodity Research at BMO Capital Markets, Henry Sanderson, Executive Editor at Benchmark Source, Will Dymott, Equity Analyst at Cenkos, Sheldon Modeland Analyst at Shore Capital, Paul Renken, Equity Analyst at VSA Capital and Andrew Breichmanas from Stifel.

Mining companies hold immense potential to benefit from the ongoing energy transition, as the world shifts towards embracing renewable technologies to replace conventional fossil fuels. Furthermore, traditional commodities like gold and copper continue to maintain historically high prices, presenting a promising outlook for equity investors.

Leading fund managers, including: Rob Crayfourd, Porfolio Manager at CQS, Torsten Dennin, CIO of Asset Management Switzerland, Clive Burstow of Barings and Marcos Camhis of FOS Asset Management will be there to explain where they see opportunities in this ever-evolving environment.

Mines and Money Connect London commits to being a highly informative and engaging event for anyone looking to gain valuable insights into the latest trends, market analysis, exploration project updates, innovations and more. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the field and learn from the industry's top experts.

We look forward to seeing you there!