Torrens Mining

CompanyTorrens Mining

  • Location: Australia
  • Tickers:
    • ASX:TRN
  • Commodities:
    • Cobalt
    • Copper
    • Gold
  • Project Stages:
    • Development
    • Exploration

Torrens is focused on exploration for gold, copper and cobalt.

We have a strong track record of project development and exploration, dating back to our foundation in 2014.

Torrens is positioned for growth through its exploration activity in the Central and Eastern Victorian Goldfields, its 30% contributing interest in the emerging Elizabeth Creek copper-cobalt and IOCG project in South Australia’s Olympic Copper Province and interests in high grade copper-gold exploration in Papua New Guinea.

The Company offers investors exposure to its diverse portfolio of gold, copper and cobalt exploration projects, with particular focus on current diamond drilling campaigns at Elizabeth Creek and at the Northwood Hill Gold Prospect, in Central Victoria.

Torrens Mining
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* 02 May 2022 (AUD)


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