The Australian Shareholders’ Association is Australia’s largest, independent, not-for-profit shareholder association. We bring this experience, scale and expertise to the table when it comes to looking after the needs of our members. We’re  passionate about keeping the market fair for the everyday, independent investor, and we’ve been doing just that since 1960.

Members of the Australian Shareholders’ Association (ASA) enjoy the freedom and flexibility that come with being an individual investor with the support and backing of Australia’s largest independent retail investor organisation. We offer learning and education opportunities through our member meetings, face-to-face and online events, our monthly magazine EQUITY, podcasts and website resources. Our annual May conference attracts leaders and professionals from the financial, corporate and government sectors and provides a great networking opportunity for investors.

We also keep companies and their leaders accountable when it comes to performance, executive remuneration, risk management and dividend policies. Through our in-depth research, questions and campaigning, we shine a light on the issues that matter to you. And because we keep track of AGMS and company activities, it’s even easier to stay on top of your investment needs and interests.

For more information about the ASA please visit our website or call our office on 02 9252 4244.

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